Amusement and Development Center „Curcubeul Vesel” organizes birthday parties for children in Chisinau and at best prices. All the activities and games played by our center during the parties are organized in accordance to a children’s age. Thus in the space provided by our center children can celebrate birthdays, name days, a special event or select a theme party, containing the relevant animation characters and scenery.

When organizing birthday parties we are offering a 3 hours program that can be modified or extended according to parents’ wishes. It is a complex program for children that includes the following activities:

  • Game activities in the space provided by the center (ball pool, slides, a kitchen for children, dolls, etc.)
  • A disco party with beautiful music and entertaining dance activities
  • Favorite animators and characters (clowns, mascots, princesses, favorite characters from fairy tales and cartoons)
  • Celebration meal for children (organized by parents and not included in price)
  • Contests and creative activities such as making of plaster figures and other kind of modeling
  • Fun with face-painting
  • Gifts for all children at the end of the party

During the celebration of birthdays, parents will have the opportunity to observe and watch their children in the playing room. They also may require the organizing of the event both in Romanian and Russian language. To organize a birthday party in the center the presence ofat least 8 children is required.

Besides birthday parties, customers may request Halloween, Christmas and New Year parties. Centre can also host events such as “Farewell to Kindergarden”, “June 1 – Children’s Day”, “Golden Autumn”, “Mărţişor”, “March 8” and many other holidays at the request of customers. Our goal is to guarantee the deployment of an unforgettable party with lots of fun, where children actively participate in contests and games, dancing and having the best time of their life.

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