„Curcubeul Vesel” offers children a generous, colorful and specially designed playing room for children equipped with latest toys and entertainment tools to help children develop their imagination, creative thinking, sensory abilities, language and sociability. We aim to create a magical corner, where children along with our staff will be involved in artistic and educational activities appropriate to their age. In our center we have a ball pool, slides, a kitchen for children, dolls, domino’s, puzzles, board and boxes and a multitude of other toys and activities.

Amusement Center

Amusement Center „Curcubeul Vesel” places a particular emphasis on organizing birthdays for children of different ages. We have a competent, well-trained team versed in pedagogy that provides specially planned and organized parties for children and their guests. We offer original programs that can be changed and adapted to satisfy the most demanding tastes. During birthday parties and other events organized by „Curcubeul Vesel” Center, children will have the opportunity to participate at various competitions and fun activities, will be visited by clowns, fairies or cartoon characters and will receive surprise gifts offered by our center.

Our animators are always trained to improve their performance, they have pedagogical background in the psychology of children. Therefore there are often are organizing interactive games and such activities as drawing, sculpture, painting, modeling, grinding games, dances, custom programs and themed parties. „Curcubeul Vesel” is one of the few centers for children in Chisinau with a vast array of educational and artistic activities, the birthdays and parties organized by us have always been adored by children, because we aim to turn these events in lasting memories for your little ones and their friends.

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