In psychology and pedagogy it is proved that game is a necessity in every child’s life, regardless if it is for fun, learning, home work or education. During a game, the child learns to perceive what is beautiful in this world. In our center, „Curcubeul Vesel” the game is a wonderful way to make children actively participate in the creative process. The center is open from 10.00 until 19.00, and invites you to have fun together with your child. From the age of 3, parents can leave the baby inside center for the benefit of free time for personal or professional needs. Here are the main activities at the center „Curcubeul Vesel”

Fun (amusement) activities:

  • – Newest toys and playing equipment for children of different ages (ball pool, slide, galleys for children, small houses, dolls, etc.);
  • – Interactive games and contests involving collective teamwork of children;
  • – Meetings with various categories entertainers: clowns, princesses, fairy tales or cartoon characters, etc;
  • – A quite spacious playground, decorated with various toys and entertainment elements;
  • – Themed party with special outfit, plays and interactive contests with participation of children;
  • – Fun activities such as dancing with balloons and face painting.

Development (educational) activities:

  • – Training services and intellectual development for children on a standard program (1 hour and 30 minutes long) that includes creative activities and development of the artistic spirit in children;
  • – Games that develop thinking ability, stimulate logic and memory (brain teasers, domino’s, puzzle, boards and boxes, etc.);
  • – Artistic activities such as drawing, sculpture, painting, music or dances;
  • – Hand made creative activities such as modeling, making of plaster figures, clay or other materials modeling.

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